How to re-delegate on Defi app

This guide will help you to change from your current validator to another of your choice

1 - Select your wallet

In case you have more than one wallet, select the one you want to operate

Available balance on the wallet

Here you will find the available balance in your wallet. This balance is free to be delegated or sent.

Funds already delegated

Here you will find the funds that have been already delegated to a validator. This balance can be re-delegated  to a different validator once every 28 days.

2 - CLICK on "Earn"

3 - CLICK on "Assets"

4 - CLICK on "..."

5 - CLICK on "Switch Validator"

6 - Write the amount you want to Re-Delegate

If you want to transfer all the amount available, you can click on “Max.Amount”

7 - CLICK on "Switch Validator"

Once you have entered the amount to be Re-Delegated

8 - Select the validator to Re-Delegate

A new window will appear with the complete list of 100 validators

9 - Select GoldCoin validator

Scroll down until you find GoldCoin. Select it and click on “Confirm Validator”

10 - Review your transaction and CLICK on "Confirm Switch Validator"


You have Re-delegated to GoldCoin validator