live node statistics

Here you can check on-line how the node is performing!!!!!!!
Charts show last 24h and time is expressed in UTC+1 chain - Validator statistics

Delegated funds are the total amount of CRO delegated to GoldCoin validator node.

The main purpose of a validator node is to sign the chain blocks. If the node fails to sign 50% of the last 5000 blocks it will be “jailed” and delegators will stop generating rewards. This is a very important indicator to look at when selecting the right validator.

In this chart we can see the % of blocks signed by GoldCoin by hour.

Sometimes is normal to loose few blocks (1-100 blocks) during upgrades or maintenance routines. This is normal and not a sign of a problem.

In this chart we can focus on how many blocks have been lost in the last hour instead of %.

Hardware statistics